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DLW: Final Three by Jayme-Kaye DLW: Final Three :iconjayme-kaye:Jayme-Kaye 4 5 Live By The Creed by Jayme-Kaye Live By The Creed :iconjayme-kaye:Jayme-Kaye 5 6
DLW OCT: Round 3-4
Idina and LyDia had already given the group the upper hand by outflanking the monsters. The pair charged the monsters from the behind, Idina creating two balls of fire in each hand and held them out for LyDia to use. Without hesitation, LyDia created a red disc to harness the power of the fire. Together they sent out a wave across the horde. A few of the monsters at the back of the group crumbled to dust, while the others either scattered in several directions confused or turned to see where the disturbance had come from.
Yume and Pum appeared through the middle, lightning shooting in all directions. Pum held out his sword as Warxend had for Idina, and Yume moved to jump on to it. She lept up high from the force of Pum's push and landed on a bug monster. She held on to its head and directed it towards the other monsters. The tail from the monster stung several of the monsters, causing them to fall and contort on the ground, before turning to dust. Pum grabbed the head on the bug Yume w
:iconjayme-kaye:Jayme-Kaye 2 11
DLW OCT: Round 3-3
LyDia made the first move. She brought up a large red disc, which caused a wave of heat that forced all the monsters back. Some couldn't handle the immense power and crumbled into dust. She grabbed hold of AnDrew's wrist and charged into the gap that she had made.
Yume took LyDia's lead and sent out a wave of electricity. A few of the monsters in the path were turned to dust but others managed to dodge or withstand the force. Yume stood her ground ready to fight the others that had survived.
Warxend came up beside Idina.
"Let's go!" He said, passing her his white sword. She took it and together they charged into another group of monsters.
Warxend swiped at a few strange plant monsters. He cut one in half, causing acid to spill across the floor. He grabbed the blade of his sword as Idina came running to him. She jumped onto the blade and Warxend catapulted her over the pool of burning acid.
As she turned to see if Warxend needed any help, several ugly bug-looking monsters came charging
:iconjayme-kaye:Jayme-Kaye 1 0
DLW OCT: Round 3-2
The tower wasn't just the highest tower in the city. Idina was halfway up climbing it and was convinced it was the highest in the world. The wind blew against her hard, causing her grip to falter on the ledge. Scratch that, she thought. It's the highest in the fucking universe.
Then something struck her. A shadowy creature hovered near her face, it limbs outstretched. Although it had no eyes, Idina could feel it staring in to her. That was all the time the monster needed to strike her, causing her to fall down the tower.
Idina felt her heart jump into her throat. I'm going to die, was all she could think.
But before she hit the ground, a glowing disc appeared under her, breaking her fall. It was covered in symbols and turned slowly around on its axis. What the?
Idina cautiously went to the edge of the disc and peeked over the side. Below she could see LyDia standing tall, her hands spread out and positioned over her face. Next to her was AnDrew, looking a little shocked and in awe. But
:iconjayme-kaye:Jayme-Kaye 1 2
DLW OCT: Round 3-1
Idina's will was becoming weak. It had been days since her last battle and she was yet to find her latest opponent. She had set herself on top of a building high above the city and watched as the other contestants fought below. One by one, they all fell. Her stomach began to feel weak as she knew her last battle was imminent. A strange feeling crept over her as the hours passed, as thought a shadow was infecting her.
She spotted the last two contestants in the street below. LyDia, a beautiful young girl created by a man named AnDrew, and Raenn, a lizard girl who had joined forces with a young elf named Sarah. LyDia seemed quiet, calculating and strong, but Raenn held her off well enough to gain the upper hand in the battle.
Against the building sitting on a bench, AnDrew sat typing away on his laptop while chatting to Sarah. He was a curious one, Idina thought to herself. He didn't watch the battle between LyDia and Raenn. It seemed as almost as if he had no interest. This annoyed Idin
:iconjayme-kaye:Jayme-Kaye 2 14
Cheap Entertainment by Jayme-Kaye
Mature content
Cheap Entertainment :iconjayme-kaye:Jayme-Kaye 1 3
Please Don't Make Me by Jayme-Kaye Please Don't Make Me :iconjayme-kaye:Jayme-Kaye 1 6 En Garde by Jayme-Kaye En Garde :iconjayme-kaye:Jayme-Kaye 1 0 Try Again by Jayme-Kaye Try Again :iconjayme-kaye:Jayme-Kaye 0 2 Long Time Gone by Jayme-Kaye Long Time Gone :iconjayme-kaye:Jayme-Kaye 1 0 People Suck by Jayme-Kaye People Suck :iconjayme-kaye:Jayme-Kaye 2 3 Need To Know Basis by Jayme-Kaye Need To Know Basis :iconjayme-kaye:Jayme-Kaye 3 8 You sir, are a Simpleton by Jayme-Kaye You sir, are a Simpleton :iconjayme-kaye:Jayme-Kaye 3 2 No Words by Jayme-Kaye No Words :iconjayme-kaye:Jayme-Kaye 1 0
DLW: OCT Round 2-5
He started towards Reina again, turning his twin blades around in his hands so skilfully and smoothly like an acrobat. Idina started to feel helpless and her body started to feel numb and cold.
"Give in to it Idina!" Warxend taunted.
He twisted his blades around and spun them around in a circle, mimicking a circular saw. The swords were aimed at Reina's face and all Idina could do was stand there in horror.
"Don't… you… touch her." Idina growled under her breath. The muscles in her left arm regained some strength. It was enough for her to lift it up and aim a fire ball for the back of Warxend's head.
As the fire ball hit the back of his head, Warxend let out a surprised yelp and sent his blades crashing to the floor. His body disappeared in a cloud of ash and all that was left was Reina, still standing scared and confused in her little summer dress.
"Idina!" She screamed, sprinting towards her. Idina felt tears prick the corners of her eyes as Reina enveloped her in a warm hu
:iconjayme-kaye:Jayme-Kaye 1 8


Sulamif by OlgaBoyko Sulamif :iconolgaboyko:OlgaBoyko 9 1 Alanna P Opera-5389 by jagged-eye Alanna P Opera-5389 :iconjagged-eye:jagged-eye 15 0 Alanna P Opera-5371 by jagged-eye Alanna P Opera-5371 :iconjagged-eye:jagged-eye 10 0 Your thoughts reflects your life by thefirebomb Your thoughts reflects your life :iconthefirebomb:thefirebomb 111 3 Crystal Dragon by Fairytas Crystal Dragon :iconfairytas:Fairytas 150 12 Barbarian- commission by Ioana-Muresan Barbarian- commission :iconioana-muresan:Ioana-Muresan 24 0 Orc girl WIP by laloon Orc girl WIP :iconlaloon:laloon 357 20 A Warrant of Wyverns by Inna-Vjuzhanina A Warrant of Wyverns :iconinna-vjuzhanina:Inna-Vjuzhanina 283 8 Duell 2 by syccas-stock Duell 2 :iconsyccas-stock:syccas-stock 301 8 Selket Tribal-0370 by jagged-eye
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Selket Tribal-0370 :iconjagged-eye:jagged-eye 52 0
Attuann 34 by Tasastock Attuann 34 :icontasastock:Tasastock 62 1 Attuann 35 by Tasastock Attuann 35 :icontasastock:Tasastock 107 12 Selket Tribal-0363 by jagged-eye
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Selket Tribal-0363 :iconjagged-eye:jagged-eye 29 0
Selket Tribal-0368 by jagged-eye
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Selket Tribal-0368 :iconjagged-eye:jagged-eye 26 1



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